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Poultry and Livestock Rearing

Padakhep has been continuing its poultry and livestock program since its beginning for the landless and underprivileged people, particularly the destitute women having no education or formal skills to choose their livelihood. The broader objective of the program is to improve the quality of lives and contribute in women's empowerment, and at the same time enhance the nutritional status at community level. This program is playing a very significant role for poverty alleviation through income generation of the destitute women. Women are undertaking poultry rearing, beef fattening, milk cow rearing, calves rearing, goat rearing, sheep rearing, etc. Many of them have become business women as to trade the products of livestock and fodders. The targeted women beneficiaries attained the opportunity to earn extra money through selling milk, eggs, chicks, ducks, goats, etc. Concurrently, the family members consume the products like milk, meat, eggs and chickens and get nutrition leading to better health and ultimately reduce the treatment cost.
Through the poultry and livestock program, Padakhep offers a range of services include training on scientific method of poultry and livestock rearing and management, supply of improved poultry breeds and cattle, vaccination for poultry and livestock, and credit facility for the target beneficiaries to start up the initiatives in an effective way. A good number of trained Diploma Program Assistants are working in the program areas for providing technical assistance from door to door. They are carrying vaccines for preventing diseases including treatment of the poultry and livestock which reduces the mortality rate of poultry and livestock.