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Md. Abdul Aziz: A Successful Poultry Farmer

There are 12 Forest Dependent Groups (FDGs) with 420 members in the Restoration and Conservation of Biodiversity in Barind Dhamoirhat Sal Forest Project. Md. Abdul Aziz (35) is a member of Altadighi Bon Rokkha Samity, Altadighi. He was engaged in illegal timber harvesting from the Sal forest for his livelihood prior to initiation of the project. When the project started, he joined as a group member of Altadighi Bon Rokkha Samity. At first he received a loan of Tk.10,000 from the samity for purchasing fertilizers and seeds (rice) for cultivating his own land. After harvesting and selling the paddy, he refunded the loan and decided to start poultry (broiler) farming in large scale. He received AIG training on poultry farming and received Tk.20,000 as loan for poultry farming from his samity and added Tk. 50,000 from his own. Using the amount, he purchased 900 one-day old chicks @22/-/chick. After 28 days, he sold out the broilers @ 116/-/Kg and received a net profit at Tk. 13000. He used the profit and the principal in further expanding his poultry farm. In rearing the poultry, he took the necessary veterinary services from the local Upazila Livestock Office.