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Padakhep gives high priority on good governance, accountability and transparency according to the approved constitution of the organization. Padakhep has three tier organizational structures, namely 1) General Body, 2) Executive Committee and 3) Advisory Committee. General Body comprises a group of highly distinguished professionals from different fields of the society. The General Body consists of 21 members and holds at least one general meeting annually in a transparent and democratic process. The General Body elects its 8-member Executive Committee (EC) and approves all the activities of the EC.

The EC is responsible to frame policies and guidelines to run the organization. The EC members continuously contribute to organizational growth and development by providing their valuable advice and suggestions in the formulation of policies and guidelines. The EC holds at least 4 meetings a year. The EC is headed by the President. The Executive Director being appointed, plays a role as member-secretary of the EC and also responsible for implementing the strategic decisions and policies approved by the EC. Padakhep is governed by a set of administrative policies, guidelines and manuals approved by the EC.