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Padakhep since its beginning has progressively put special emphasis on agriculture program. The agriculture program of Padakhep sets the goal to increase income and employment of the target people through increasing yield (productivity) and production of crops, forestry, fishery, livestock and poultry. Under this program, Padakhep covers various fields of agriculture starting from seed production to livestock rearing. Total beneficiaries covered under the agriculture programs are about 1.5 million families. Special attention has been given to the marginal and small farmers; especially the women and they are largely supported to be involved in agro based income generating activities for molding their livelihood towards self-reliance.

Objectives of the Program

The specific objectives of the agriculture program are to:
  • Increase production of crops, forests, fishery and livestock
  • Make agricultural credit and other inputs available to the farmers for higher production/yield
  • Preserve and encourage green tree coverage and produce alternative energy to ensure clean environment
  • Ensure agro-based, self-financed and sustainable income generating activities
  • Conduct agricultural research considering the importance of environment and sustainability

Major Activities and Services Provided

Under the agriculture program, Padakhep has been designing and implementing a range of agriculture oriented activities that include credit activities, seed production and distribution, cattle and poultry rearing, aquaculture management, social forestry, conserving forest, protecting environment, tree plantation etc. targeting mainly the poor farmers.

Agricultural Credit Program
Poultry and Livestock Rearing
Aquaculture Development Project (AqDP)
Tree Plantation
Success Story
Overall Impacts of the Program