Information & Communication Technology
This era is for Information and Communication Technology. Whether we realize it or not a lot of ICT activities are going on around us. Now we are gradually realizing the importance of ICT. For this reason Padakhep is thinking that in the overall development of this organization the development of ICT is very essential. Thus depending on various research and consideration the development of ICT in Padakhep has started from July 2003. Afterwards to introduce more development in ICT the name of the department was changed from IT to ICT from July 2005.
ICT Work's
Design, Setup and Configuration LAN, WAN & MAN Systems of Windows NT 4.0 and Windows 2000 Server and Windows 2003 Server / Client, Linux, NetWare 4.X / 5.X Server / Client. Authentication Server, Application Server, Database Server, Backup Server, Web Server, Daemon Mail Server & MS Mail Server, File Server, Printer Server, DHCP, DNS Server, Proxy Server, Firewall, System Security, GPRS, Switches Router, Router, Bridge, Repeater, ADSL and Anti Virus Measures.
Administration and Managing Radio Link and RAS (Remote Access Server), DHCP, ADSL, Print Services, Network Maintenance and Troubleshooting.
Administration & Managing of LAN, MAN & WAN.
Design, Setup and Analysis any kind of customize application software and database software which could be various type of language that is Visual Basis, SQL, Access, C#, Java, Oracle & Developer etc.
Installation, Configuration, Administration, Operation, Maintenance and Troubleshooting of any kind of Application Software and Database Software.
Design & Develop of Web & Graphics related works.
Security, Backup and Services of software.
Assembling, Troubleshooting and Hardware Support.
The main goal of Padakhep's ICT is to collect accurate information, preserve, classify, and present information as required so that our organization and our country is benefited.

List Of Main Activities

  • System Administration.
  • Server Administration.
  • Network Administration (LAN, MAN & WAN).
  • E-mail Administration.
  • Internet & Intranet Administration.
  • Desktop and helpdesk support.
  • Data preservation and presentation.
  • Software development and maintenance.
  • Web page develop, update and maintenance.
  • Graphics design.
  • Video capturing, editing, modifying and data transferring.
  • Anti Virus measures.
  • All sorts of ICT troubleshooting & maintenance.
  • Users support.
  • Zone, Area & Branch office support.
  • Inventory of ICT Equipments.
  • Reporting.