Research, Publication & Documentation
Padakhep believes that research is an effective tool for further improvement of any development initiative. It becomes easier for Padakhep to take appropriate decisions on new projects following the findings of on-going research project. Padakhep has been conducting baseline surveys, evaluation and impact assessment of several on-going projects and implementing small-scale research projects of the government.

Publication and documentation section is an integral part of Padakhep. With a view to documenting and disseminating different activities of Padakhep, it prepares and publishes annual reports, newsletters, brochures, leaflets, posters, documentary films, etc.

Padakhep also maintain a resourceful library at the Head Office in Dhaka, which is so far open to the staff of the organization only. Development related books, magazines, journals, article, reference books and the daily newspapers are available in the library.
  • Conduct different studies and assess their impacts.
  • Prepare and publish different types of publications      like annual reports, newsletters, brochures, leaflets,      etc.
  • Prepare and publish press release on important      events/activities of Padakhep in national dailies.