Padakhep, since its inception strongly emphasizes training for human resource development and transfer of management skills to the community level. Padakhep conducts need-based training courses for its staff and beneficiaries with a view to improving their knowledge and skills. Padakhep organizes mainly four kinds of training:

  1. Internal staff training for skill development conducted by Padakhep
  2. Collaboration training implemented by PKSF, InM & other organizations
  3. External staff training implemented by PKSF & other organizations and
  4. Beneficiaries training for their capacity building

Padakhep has established two training centers in Dhaka and Chittagong. The training centres are furnished with all types of training aids, furniture and accommodation. Moreover, training facilities are available in all zonal offices. Padakhep has as well dormitory facilities for residential trainees in Dhaka and Chittagong centres. Any government or private organizations can use these facilities.



  • To develop knowledge, skill and attitude of the staff.
  • To update the staff about the latest developments internally and globally
  • To strengthen the capacity of the beneficiaries by developing their      knowledge & skills on relevant IGAs and leadership, group & credit      management.


  • Need-assessment of staff and beneficiaries for training.
  • Updating training curriculum based on the needs.
  • Developing and upgrading training materials based on the needs.
  • Designing and updating training modules.
  • Organizing training for field and headquarter staff
  • Follow-up services to on-going training programs.