Uplifting the Quality of Lives of the Elderly People Program

Project Overview

The elderly people are not burdens to our society. If we take care and support properly, they can be turned into blessing for our families and the society. Joyful and happy lives in the last stage of our seniors are in our responsible hands and obligatory duty. Palli Karma-Sahayak Foundation (PKSF) pursues a life-cycle approach to human progress, catering to the appropriate needs at all stages of life--from the conception of a child and to the death of a person. As a supplementary intervention of its multidimensional poverty alleviation programmes, PKSF has introduced the ‘Uplifting the Quality of Lives of the Elderly People Programme’ in line with the government’s elderly policy. PKSF aims to help in reducing miseries of the elderly people through the program. The program assists elderly people to access social safety services, financial benefits and primary health care services of the older persons.

Major activities of the project

Under the program, the following activities are being implemented in the working areas: establishing social centers for the elderly people in every Union, providing old age allowance and assistive materials (walking sticks, high commode, wheel chair, blanket etc), offering special savings and pension fund, recognizing elderly persons’ contribution to society, bestowing awards to the best children for serving their parents, providing appropriate credit and IGA-based training facilities to the poor elderly people, training up physiotherapist to provide geriatric nursing, rehabilitation of the poor and distressed elderly in community and creating special social facilities for the elderly people.

Project Objective

  • Main objective of the project is to rehabilitate the poor and distressed elderly in the community.

Geographic Area

Surma union, Sadar Upazila of Sunamgonj district.

Project Beneficiaries

  • -At the beginning of the program, a survey was conducted on the elderly people in the working area and 1591 elderly persons were identified and included in this program, wherein 796 are women and 795 are men.
  • - As a part of the activities, a social centre for elderly persons was established in Surma Union equipped with the facilities of newspaper, TV, carom, ludu, chess etc.
  • - Besides, 18 village committees, 9 ward committees and 1 union committee have been formed.
  • - Ward based orientation training was also provided to the newly formed committees.

Project Partners

  • PKSF