ENRICH Program

Project Overview

ENRICH aims to alleviate poverty not only through income generation but through a holistic approach targeting other crucial aspects of human life including health, education, youth development, community development, etc. The proposed intervention includes a support package in which credit is one of the components. The program has a unique approach which involves the inclusiveness of the entire community including the local government and other relevant community stakeholders in helping to lift poor households out of poverty. The main thrust is to provide integrated support to each poor family to ensure the best possible utilization of their existing resources and capacities.

The vision that underpins the ENRICH is to work with the poor to create an enabling environment for them to achieve a humanly dignified living standard and enjoy universal human rights. ENRICH is a people-centered program conducted at the grassroots level focusing overall household development of the poor.

The overall goal of the program is to ensure human dignity and freedom by gradually reducing poverty in a sustainable manner, towards total elimination at the household and community level in the grassroots (unions) and ultimately, throughout the country.

Major activities of the project

  • Attain total development of each HH as well as the whole community participating in ENRICH.
  • Empower the poor HHs so that they can pursue a pathway that would lead them towards the goal of human freedom and dignity.
  • Ensure freedom from all `UN-freedoms’ and human dignity for all members of all HHs under ENRICH.
  • Ensure access of all participants in ENRICH to all capacity enhancing activities such as education, skill training, and health services, essential institutional facilities, appropriate financing for their chosen economic undertakings, necessary market and other information, appropriate technologies

Geographic Area

Surma and Daserbazar union, Sadar upazila of Sunamgonj district.

Project Beneficiaries

  • - Padakhep has been implementing Enhancing Resources and Increasing Capacities of Poor Households towards Elimination of Their Poverty (ENRICH) program since 2010

Project Partners

  • PKSF