Haor Initiatives for sustainable Alternative Livelihoods (HISAL) Program

Project Overview

Padakhep has been working in the haor region of north-east Bangladesh since 2006 and is committed to the people of these geographically backward places to make available services including microfinance considering the distressed situation of the area. Haor Initiatives for Sustainable Alternative Livelihoods (HISAL) program was launched seeking to address the problems of livelihood insecurity, vulnerability and inadequacies of government resources and services in the haor region. The program is designed to develop the people living on and around the haor region of north east Bangladesh through alternative approach by community based organizations (CBOs). It is the innovative initiative of Padakhep that was specifically designed to meet one of the key development challenges in the haor areas viz. poor coverage of the traditional micro-credit facilities in the areas.

Major activities of the project

  • Create micro-credit opportunity for the poor haor people and protect them from the traditional moneylenders
  • Create employment opportunity for poor households under Self-help Groups (SHGs) in remote and isolated haor areas through CBOs
  • Create easy payment and service charge facilities
  • Introduce a sustainable and low-cost model of micro-credit through CBOs
  • Assist the haor people in undertaking innovative IGAs and
  • Increase mobility and create social linkage particularly with the women of haor areas.

Geographic Area

Padakhep has been implementing alternative micro credit approach in 5 (five) deep haor Upazilas such as Nikli, Mithamoin and Aushtogram of Kishoregonj district, Azmirigonj of Habigonj district and Sulla of Shunamgonj district

Project Beneficiaries

  • -Padakhep provide credit support and technical assistance to the ultra poor people through 30 community-based organizations (CBOs).

Project Partners

  • PKSF