Improvement of Ponds, Canals Across the Country Project (IPCP)

Project Overview

There are about 1,288,222 ponds in Bangladesh having an area of 0.114 ha. per pond and 21.5 pond per mauza (BBS, 1997). But about 17% of these ponds are derelict and probably dry up in the dry season. As per LGED in house survey (November'15) the number of Khas ponds /dighies are 14,910 whereas the numbers of institutional ponds/dighies are 3,493. On the other hand the number of khas canals /dead rivers is 6,536 with a total length of 27,044.03 kilometers. There is an ample scope to improve these ponds and canals up to the usable standard for income generating and related economic activities.

Therefore, a project has been prepared by LGED with a target to improve ponds (khas and institutional) and canals throughout the country so as to make them perfectly fit to use for fishing, ducking, vegetable production and other related income generating and economic activities for massive employment (direct, indirect, short-term and long-term) generation with a bonus for environmental integration through tree plantation. This will facilitate government to move one step forward in achieving SDG's goals and to uplift Bangladesh to a country of medium income.

Overall objective of the project is to improve ponds/dighies (institutional) and khas canals to usable standard for enhanced surface water strong and income generating/commercial activities for rural unemployed and poor.

Specific objectives of the project

  • Improving ponds to usable standard for multidimensional usages including income generating/commercial activities.
  • Generating direct (short-term) employment opportunities through improvement works of ponds and canals.
  • Creating long-term employment opportunities through income generating/commercial activities.
  • Enhancing environmental integrity and flood management through increased surface water storage, drainage facilities and planned tree plantation

Geographic Area

Padakhep has been implementing three packages of the project in Dhaka, Chattogram and Khulna division since March 2020. IPCP is a 3-year project to be completed by the end of June 2023.

Project Beneficiaries

  • -The project will contribute to fulfill government's commitment to provide considerable employment opportunity as well as direct financial help to the unemployed rural poor including destitute women community. This project will provide a good opportunity for (both educated and uneducated) unemployed young generation to be self-employed and self-helped to upgrade their life standard and contribute to the rural economy thereby.

Project Partners