Training and Orientation of Public Representative in the Local Government Institutions (Municipalities) in Urban Areas of Bangladesh

Project Overview

Padakhep carried out an assignment since June 01, 2018 entitled “Training and Orientation of Public Representatives in the Local Government Institutions (Municipalities) in Urban Areas of Bangladesh” under the project “EU support to Health & Nutrition to the Poor in Urban Bangladesh”. European Union (EU) and Ministry of Local Government, Rural Development and Cooperatives (MLGRD&C) supported the implementation of the training. Public representatives of Local Government Institutions (LGIs) are informed about their roles and responsibilities in the matter of primary health care in the urban areas through conducting training. Overall, the project will assist in improving health and nutrition status of the urban poor in Bangladesh. The main purpose of the assignment is to organize orientation workshop for about 3600 public representatives of LGIs. The project will cover 329 Pourashavas (Municipalities) under 64 districts of Bangladesh, targeting 3,600 locally elected representatives.

Major activities of the project

Padakhep developed a training module for the orientation workshop and also conducted 3-days ToT and a Mock session. The organization also conducted need assessment among the Local Government institutions and collected baseline information from 329 Pourashavas. Padakhep invites 2-3 Pourashava’s Mayor & Councilors in a workshop and the workshop held at division and district level as per the suggestions/recommendations of the Pourashavas. The orientation was conducted following the training module. Each of the training session conducted by 2 Trainers and monitored by other project personnel. The following topics were covered during the orientation workshop:

  • Local Government (Pourashava) Act 2009 particularly on public health issues
  • Role delineation as per recommendation of task force
  • Present scenario of rural and urban health structure
  • Project review and meeting conduction techniques
  • Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) & Gender Equity
  • Climate change and its impact on urban areas
  • Leadership, Mass Communication & Mass Awareness Techniques

Geographic Area

329 Pourashavas (Municipalities) under 64 districts of Bangladesh

Project Partners

  • European Union (EU) and LGED