Success Story - Nuresha Begum

Beneficiary: Nuresha Begum

[Microfinance program] Production technology of rice, potato

Thirty seven year old Nuresha Begum was born in the village Bairagipara of Paba upazila of Rajshahi district. She lived in a family of 4 members. Of them, only two were earning numbers. She read up to class X. Farming was the only means of earning of the family.

The family used to cultivate rice, potato and other crops but none of them had formal training on the production of the crops. Because of her educational background, Nuresha received training on the production technology of crops and took loan of Tk. 10,000/- from Nawhata branch of Padakhep, Rajshahi in 2007.

Story Potato

After receiving training, she took second, third, fourth and fifth term loan of Tk. 29,000/-, 40,000/-, 80,000/-, and 200,000/- from Padakhep. She then purchased a tractor and a pick-up van using the loan. The tractor was used to prepare lands for growing rice, potato and several other crops in the family lands and lands leased from neighbours. She also started using the pick-up van to carry her produces to different markets that ensured her fair price to the commodities. Besides, she helped her neighbours to market their produces at fair price through her pick-up van.

Nuresha has a total number of 10 employees. Of them, 3 are female and 7 are male. She has an ambitious plan to establish an integrated farm comprising crops, livestock (poultry, cattle, etc.) and fisheries to earn more income and employ more people in her farming enterprise.Nuresha expressed her gratitude to Padakhep for the loan that enabled her to receive training on crop production technology and finally earn better income from crop farming.