Success Story - Amir Hossain

Beneficiary: Amir Hossain

[Microfinance program] A successful entrepreneur by using microcredit

32-year old Amir Hossain was born in Noyapara village of PS Faridpur under Chandpur district. Amir Hossain is the fourth of his 3 brothers and 2 sisters in the family. The family was well managed by the earning of his father and mother. But when his brothers and sisters were capable of earning their own living, they got separated from the family. When his father became old and was incapable of working, Amir Hossain continued his study staying with his elder brother at Sunamgonj. Later on, he discontinued his study and started a small nursery with the financial assistance of his elder brother.


In the initial period of his business, Amir Hossain used to produce seeds of some selected plants, buy seedlings from other nurseries and sell these in local markets. With earning from that small nursery, he could manage his livelihood well. He got married when he was 25 years old. When the family burden increased, Amir Hossain expanded his nursery business by taking loan of Tk. 25000/- from Jagannathpur branch of Sunamganj,Padakhep with the help of his friend Reaz Ahmed. When his business turned out to be very successful, he was given second installment of loan of Tk. 29000/-. With further success, he took another turn of loan of Tk 50,000/-.

He named his nursery 'Sagor nursery' where 3 assistants are now working. Now he earns Tk 50,000 per month and has an investment of Tk 500,000. To earn more from plantation, Amir Hossain attended several training courses on nursery management.

Though in the beginning of his business, Amir Hossain had the illusion that the nursery business would not be profitable because only rich people have demand for nursery plants. But with the business rolling, he felt that the demand for nursery plants were all over the community and with the help of modest finance and diligence it can be turned to be a successful enterprise.